Acute Neurologic Illness with Focal Limb Weakness of Unknown Etiology in Children Since August 2014 there has been several reports in the US and Canada of children presenting with mostly focal limb weakness following recent respiratory tract infection and associated significant grey matter changes on spinal MRI. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is working closely with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Children's Hospital Colorado to investigate a cluster of nine pediatric patients hospitalized with acute neurologic illness of undetermined etiology. The CDC have also put out a HAN (Health Alert Network) Advisory with gu...
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ICNA - GBOD Research Trainee Fellowships The ICNA is happy to announce two exciting research opportunities under the ICNA GBOD Research Trainee Fellowship program.The deadline for receipt of applications is  Feb 1, 2015 Eligibility criteria: 1. Must be a member of ICNA2. Should have completed two years of an accredited child Neurology training program or be within 5 years of completion of their training program How to apply: Prospective applicants should write to the respective project supervisors and should provide:i. an uptodate CVii. Reference letters – from program director or division head and two other direct...
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Erythropoietin for neuroprotection in preterm infants High-dose erythropoietin (EPO; a hormone) administered within 42 hours of birth to preterm infants was associated with a reduced risk of brain injury, as indicated by magnetic resonance imaging, according to a study in the August 27 issue of JAMA. Premature infants are at risk of developing encephalopathy of prematurity, which is associated with long-term neurodevelopmental delay. Erythropoietin has been shown to be neuroprotective in experimental and retrospective clinical studies. Russia Ha-Vinh Leuchter, M.D., of the University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland, and colleagues conducted a s...
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Yukio Fukuyama It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Professor Yukio Fukuyama, a true pioneer in the field of pediatric neurology who chaired the Department of Pediatrics at Tokyo Women’s Medical University, for a quarter of a century, teaching and mentoring young doctors and leading us into the 21st century. The depth and breadth of his accomplishments are a testament to his commitment to patients, their families, the university, his coworkers and advances in pediatric neurology worldwide. He will be sorely missed by friends and colleagues alike, thanks to his tireless efforts to advance Ch...
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Heinz F. R. Prechtl (1927 - 2014) Born in Vienna on the 6th of July 1927, Heinz F. R. Prechtl studied medicine, zoology, and anthropology at the University of Vienna. In 1951, he followed his mentor, the founder of ethology and later Nobel Prize laureate Konrad Lorenz to the Max Planck Institute for Behavioural Physiology in Buldern, Germany. Within five years his observational focus had moved from birds, lizards, salamanders, and cats to human infants. In 1955 he published a series of films on the sucking, grasping, posture and locomotion of human newborns and infants. His groundbreaking ideas and scientific vision led him t...
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Risk of brain injury in preterm babies influenced by genetic variants Risk of brain injury in premature babies is modulated by common variation in genes associated with schizophrenia and fat metabolism, a new study suggests. Study of single nucleotide polymorphisms alongside DTI studies including tract-based spatial statistics and deformation-based morphometry in brains of preterm infants showed that SNP in Armadillo repeat gene deleted in velocardiofacial syndrome (ARVCF) gene linked to neuronal migration and schizophrenia and in fatty acid desaturase (FADS2) gene encoding rate limiting step in endogenous Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid PUFA synthesis and link...
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