ICNA Zimbabwe Appeal

Support the ICNA, a Global Non-Profit Organization in promoting Good Causes and Positive Changes for children with Neurological Disorders & Neurodisability all Over the World.

ICNA Zimbabwe Appeal

Know more about the appeal, thorough this brief video on the state of child neurology in Zimbabwe from Dr Gwendoline Kandawasvika, Paediatrician at University of Zimbabwe, College of Health Sciences.

Child Neurology in Zimbabwe

The population of Zimbabwe is estimated to be in the region of 14.5 million. About 38.9% are under 15 years of age. The infant mortality is 34.1 per 1,000 live births and the under five mortality 45.1 per 1,000 live births. There are no accredited paediatric neurologists in Zimbabwe. Neurophysiology services are restricted to adult or psychiatry centres and very restricted for paediatrics. Existing care is delivered by the few remaining resources in the form of some dedicated clinicians and rehabilitation practitioners often funded by NGOs. Over 2021- 2022 the ICNA EB have agreed to a strategic plan to upskill capacity for child neurology care in Zimbabwe. This will take the form of ongoing online educational interactions, but also promoting skills of the local clinicians to enable them to implement change from within. For this to occur formal training of a number of specialists in child neurology needs to occur. These clinicians will then be able to recruit expanded multidisciplinary teams to facilitate comprehensive care. Currently there is a need for child neurologists, developmental specialists, neurophysiology technicians and rehabilitation therapists just as a start. Collaboration with other invested and insightful societies is envisioned to make this a truly combined and collaborative effort.  Working with the clinicians in Zimbabwe a sustainable plan is in place, the only limitation is the funding to make this happen

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