Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy



The symposium will cover various important issues related to cerebral palsy. The clinical spectrum and heterogeneity amongst populations in developed and developing countries will be discussed. The basic scientific principles of management including the role of use based plasticity will be highlighted. Strategies needed for management in resource poor conditions based on experience will be shared. Finally answers will be attempted to find solutions to the burning question of how can CP be prevented? Emerging evidence based neuroprotection strategies will be analysed.


The main objective of the symposium is Educational. It will also provide an opportunity for international collaborative research.The specific objectives include

  1. To educate the participants about the clinical issues related to cerebral palsy particularly the differences between developed and developing countries.
  2. To discuss scientific principles of management exploring the role of use based plasticity.
  3. To familiarize the participants with the strategies for management of CP in the West and in resource poor conditions .
  4. To high light evidence based neuroprotection strategies for prevention of CP.



Neuroprotection to reduce incidence of CP
Prof.Michael Johnston
Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, USA


The Heterogeneity of Cerebral Palsy-Population Based Perspectives
Prof.Michael Shevell, Director-Division of Pediatric Neurology 
Montreal Children’s Hospital-McGill University Health Center Canada


Management of Cerebral Palsy from an international perspective
Prof.Hans Forssberg
Chairman, Centre of Neurodevelopmental Disorders at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden


Activity-based therapies and neuroplasticity
Dr Diane L. Damiano
Chief of Functional & Applied  Biomechanics Section, NIH Clinical Center, USA


Treatment of Cerebral Palsy and its management in resource poor conditions
Prof.Pratibha Singhi, Chief Pediatric Neurology and Neurodevelopment
Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education And Research, Chandigarh, India