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  • Plenary sessions, symposia and focus groups talks at the ICNC2010

Plenary sessions, symposia and focus groups talks at the ICNC2010


The plenary sessions, symposia and focus groups talks at the ICNC2010 held in Cairo, Egypt May 2-7, 2010 can be viewed here. 

Opening of the 1st African Paediatric Neurology Association (APNA)

  • Child neurology services across Africa [view]
    Jo Wilmshurst, South Africa
Children at Risk Everywhere (CARE) symposium


  • Evaluation of early social deprivation in orphans with PET scans and DTI [ view ]
    Harry Chugani, USA
  • Orphans of HIV [view]
    Jo Wilmshurst, South Africa

Focus Groups


  • International Metabolic Myopathies Focus Group [ view ]
    Ingrid Tein, Canada
Symposia topics
Epilepsy return
  • Side effects of anti-epileptic drugs [view]
    Lieven Lagae, Belgium
  • Does the epilepsy classification scheme predict the type of associated cognitive problems? [view]
    Lieven Lagae, Belgium
  • Malformations of cortical development and epilepsy [view]
    Marilisa M. Guerreiro, Brazil
Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Disabilities return
  • Changes in conceptualization of Mental Retardation/Intellectual Disability [view]
    Lieven Lagae, Belgium
  • New technologies in the evaluation of global developmental delay and intellectual disability. The example of microarray [view]
    Michael Shevell, Canada
Traumatic Brain Injury and neuroprotection return
  • Use of neuroimaging for outcome prediction after traumatic brain injury [view]
    Stephen Ashwal, USA
Neurometabolic/Defects in bioenergetic metabolism return
  • Advances in Fatty acid oxidation disorders and new therapies [view]
    Ingrid Tein, Canada
  • Approach to acute metabolic encephalopathies [view]
    Linda De Meirleir, Belgium
  • Pyruvate dehydrogenase and pyruvate carboxylase deficiencies [view]
    Linda De Meirleir, Belgium
  • Novel treatment advances in Mitochondrial disorders [view]
    Salvatore G DiMauro, USA
  • Pathophysiology of mitochondrial disorders [view]
    Salvatore G DiMauro, USA

Advances in neuroimaging

  • Advances in PET Scanning of Pediatric Neurologic disorders [view]
    Harry Chugani, USA

Infectious diseases of the CNS

  • CNS HIV infections [ view]
    Jo Wilmshurst, South Africa
  • Burden of Neurological complications of HIV in children [view]
    Jo Wilmshurst, South Africa


Muscular Dystrophies return
  • Pathogenesis of muscular dystrophies [ view ]
    Francesco Muntoni, UK
Childhood Headache return
  • Atypical migraine and recent evidence of linkage with channelopathies [view]
    Ian A Wilkinson, Australia
Cerebral Palsy return
  • Insights from a Population-Based Cerebral Palsy Registry: Relationships Between Neurologic Subtype, Gross Motor Severity & Co-Morbidities [view]
    Michael Shevell, Canada
  • Cerebral Palsy: Meet the Expert . A Case Presentation [view]
    Michael Shevell, Canada
Genetics return
  • Genetics / Environment interactions for human development [view]
    Takao Takahashi, Japan
Sleep & Locomotion return
  • Sleep and locomotion - Their importance in the development of the brain [view]
    Masaya Segawa, Japan
Neurotransmitter Disorders return
  • Approach to neurotransmitter disorders [view]
    Masaya Segawa & Yoshiko Nomura, Japan