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ICNC 1975 - 2014

Invitation to submit bids for the ICNC 2016

You are invited to submit a letter of intent to enter the bidding for the 2016 ICNC. A short letter from the key local medical organisers (not the conference management team) should be sent to the Secretary of ICNA ([email protected] ac.za).

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Autism Spectrum Disorders- From Mechanisms to Therapies

The abstract submission deadline for Autism Spectrum Disorders: From Mechanisms to Therapies is July 29, 2011. We encourage you to submit your research for presentation and hope you will join us, our co-organizers, and leading researchers in Arlington, USA from November 9-11, 2011.

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19th International Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Symposia October 1-6 2010

The 19th International Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Symposia (October 1-6, 2010) offers two CME-certified symposia:

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