ICNA by ICNA, 12 years ago
The follow-up of children with congenital cardiac rhabdomyomas, prenatal and perinatal risk factors and early diagnosis of the tuberous sclerosis and epilepsy

Prague Symposium of Child Neurology and Developmental Epileptology
Under the auspices of the Charles University and the ICNA
4-5 November 2011, Prague

Petrak B 1), Jahodova A 1), Kyncl M 2), 
Chaloupecky V 3), Kaluzova M 1), Cerny M 4), Krsek P 1), Kudr M 1)

  1. Department of Child Neurology, 
  2. Department of Radiology,
  3. Cardiocenter 
  4. Neonatology Department, NICU, Gynecol.-Obstetric

    Charles University, 2nd Medical School and University Hospital Motol, Prague, Czech republic