• Epilepsy in children - When to think surgery?

    Dr. Elaine Wirrell is the director of pediatric epilepsy and professor of neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. In this lecture Dr Wirrell talks on epilepy surgery for the FLICNA (Future Leaders of ICNA) Live Talk Series.

  • Epilepsy surgery in patients with TSC

    Prague Symposium of Child Neurology and Developmental Epileptology
    Under the auspices of the Charles University and the ICNA
    4-5 November 2011, Prague

    Pavel Kršek, Martin Kynčl, Bořivoj Petrák, Petr Marusič, Alena Jahodová, Martin Kudr, Vladimír Komárek
    Motol Epilepsy Center, Prague
    Prasanna Jayakar, Catalina Dunoyer, Trevor Resnick, Michael Duchowny
    Brain Institute, Miami Children's Hospital, Miami, Florida