Important. These pages are retained here for historical purposes only and some of the information may be deprecated. The ICNA would like to thank everyone for making the congress a great success. We look forward to welcoming you again in Taipei, Taiwan for the ICNC2026.

Creating your poster

  • The poster should cover the content of your accepted abstract
  • Authors must disclose on their poster whether the abstract has been previously published (prior to May 2014)
  • If the abstract has been previously published, authors should indicate the date and publication
  • Any gene names which are included in the study presented should be diclosed
  • If your poster contains any photos or sensitive data all presenters must have informed consent from the authority (ies) / individual(s) concerned
  • Please try to make your poster simple and legible including charts, drawings, photographs and illustrations to achieve a visual impact
  • The title heading should be at least 2 inches high
  • The names of all authors and their institutional/organizational affiliations(s) should also be included but a smaller font can be used for this
  • All lettering should be easily legible at a distance of 4 feet
  • Please include your individual QR Code Graphic provided on the poster
  • The QR Code graphic should be printed as it is and should not be enlarged
  • Please do not laminate your poster to ensure that it can be recycled

Poster size

The preferred poster size is “A0” 


Width x Height (mm)

Width x Height (in)


841 x 1189 mm

33.1 x 46.8 in


Posters should not exceed the following dimensions 120 cm (High) X 90 cm (Wide) and should be in Portrait/Vertical Mode. Landscape posters will not fit on the poster boards. 

Displaying your posters

All accepted Posters will be displayed at the conference venue in two sessions. All posters will be displayed in the space between the Cataratas and Iguazu Halls ( see floor layout below) with the opportunity to meet and engage with the poster presenters.

All poster boards will be pre-numbered. Please be certain to mount your poster on the correct board The organizers will provided double side adhesive/Velcro tape for fastening the poster to the board. You may bring your own pushpins or thumbtacks (in your checked luggage).

You must register and wear an official ICNC2014 scientific meeting badge to gain admittance at any time to the poster areas. Unregistered individuals (i.e., accompanying guests etc.) are not permitted to attend the poster sessions.

If you wish to bring electronic equipment to accompany your poster session, you must also bring a power source. No electrical outlets will be available for your use. Wireless Internet access is available in the Poster Hall. Your laptop must be equipped with a Wi-Fi or wireless network card for PCs or an Airport card for Macs.

Do not leave personal materials or belongings under poster boards or in the poster area. ASHG is not responsible for any articles left in the poster area or elsewhere Handouts You may prepare a hand-out for participants. hand-outs must be no larger than A4 and should be place in a document holder which should be fixed to the poster board.

Any hand-outs that are placed on the floor rather than in the document holder will be removed for health and safety reasons.

Online Access & QR Code

All posters will have a dedicated online page on ICNApedia which can be accessed using the below format. (The links will not be active before April 15, 2014).

On this page if you wish you may even include short video clips of yourself presenting the poster. Please email if you would like to enquire about this further.

URL Format : where xxx is the ID of your Poster. For eg if your poster ID is "P50" the URL will be

You would be provided with a QR Code graphic to include in your poster, which would enable delegates to access the above page easily from their smart phones

You can download your QR Codes from March 25, 2014 onwards by accessing where xxx is the ID of your Poster.

For eg if your poster ID is P50 your QR code will be available at

Schedule for your posters

The posters being presented at the ICNC2014 are split into two groups GROUP I and GROUP II.

GROUP I is scheduled for Monday & Tuesday while GROUP II is scheduled for Wednesday & Thursday.

Detailed information follows.



Scheduled Display days

GROUP I posters

P1 - P224 & P449

Cerebral palsy , Neurodisability & Neurorehabilitation
CNS infections
Development, cognition & psychiatry
Education & training

Monday  May 5, 2014 0830-1730

Tuesday  May 6, 2014 0830-1730

GROUP II Posters

P225 – P448

Headache;  Metabolic disorders;  Movement disorders;  Muscle and nerve;  Neonatal and Fetal neurology;  Neurocritical care, Neurotrauma & Neuroprotection; Neuroendocrinology & Neurogenetics; Neuroimmunology; Neurooncology , Neuroradiology & Neurophthalmology

Wednesday  May 7, 2014 0830-1730

Thursday  May 8, 2014 0830-1730

Presenters must be available for at least 15 minutes during the morning session and for at least 60 minutes during the afternoon session according to the schedule above. The poster chairpersons will walk around and discuss posters during these times.

If you are not available beside your poster at other times, please leave a note on the poster board as to where you can be reached in case someone wishes to discuss your work further Signs indicating when you will be at your presentation can be picked up at the Poster Help Booth.

Removal of Posters

Remove materials promptly at the end of the session. Posters that are not removed by the designated time may be taken down by the organizers and discarded. Please be sure to remove your poster within the stated timeframe. Posters must be removed by 6:30 P.M. Posters remaining after this time will be removed and recycled.


The Scientific Programme Committee will appoint a panel of judges to select a poster for the “Best Poster”. Award certificates are restricted to young scientists and the posters to be considered for selection will be identified by a ICNA sticker attached to the top right hand corner of the poster.

Certificates will be awarded in public at the closing ceremony. Up to 10 posters will also be denoted as “featured posters” online.

Abstract Acceptance

A first author who is unable to make the presentation in person is asked to notify ICNC2014 office immediately via e-mail (