Tuesday May 06 2014
Abstracts selected for presentation will be available online by April 15, 2014
08:00-09:00 PL03 The new technologies in neurorehabilitation Patrice L. Weiss, Israel
09:00-10:00 PL04 The impact of brain maturation on EEG development in childhood and some electroclinical syndromes (Frank Ford Lecture) Orvar Eeg-Olofsson, Sweden
10:30-12:30 S05 Genetics in Infantile Epileptic Encephalopathy 
CATARATAS I Chairs: Heung Dong Kim (South Korea) & Shinichi Hirose (Japan) 
      Genetics in infantile epileptic encephalopathy Heung Dong Kim , Korea, Repub.
Spectrum of PCDH19 Mutations Shinichi Hirose ,Japan
Dravet Syndrome: Update in 2013 Ingrid Scheffer ,Australia
Genetic mechanisms in dev. brain malformations in infantile epilepsy Hoon-Chul Kang , Korea, Repub.
Expanding genetic and molecular targets of epilepsy in infancy Yuwu Jiang ,China
10:30-12:30 S06 Leukoencephalopathies 
CATARATAS II Chair: Deborah Renaud (USA) 
    Clinical approach to leukodystrophies Sakkubai Naidu ,USA
Leukoencephalopathies associated with macrocephaly Deborah Renaud ,USA
Peroxisomal leukoencephalopathy Bwee-Tien Poll-The ,The Netherlands
10:30-12:30 S07 Cerebral Palsy 
IGUAÇU I Chairs: Pratibha Singhi (India) & Michael Johnston (USA) 
10:30 AM Treatment of Cerebral Palsy and its management in resource poor conditions Pratibha Singhi ,India
10:54 AM Activity-based therapies and neuroplasticity Diane Damiano, USA
11:18 AM Heterogeniety of CP Population Based Perspectives Michael Shevell ,Canada
11:42 AM Management of Cerebral Palsy from an International perspective Hans Forssberg ,Sweden
12:06 AM Neuroprotection to reduce incidence of CP Michael Johnston ,USA
10:30-12:30 S08 Childhood Headaches: Current Treatments and Research 
IGUAÇU II Chair: Kenneth Mack (USA) 
       Chronic Daily Headache Kenneth Mack ,USA
 Autonomic Instability and Migraine: "I am tired, dizzy and my head hurts all the time!" Eric M. Pearlman ,USA
 Chronic Daily Headache David Rothner ,USA
 Headache and school Marco Antônio Arruda ,Brazil
12:45-13:45 ICNA Council of delegates meeting (closed session) - IGUAÇU I
  Chair: TBA
0200 - 0215 PM FP51: Children with autsim and epilepsy:a descriptive clinical cohort study from south africa Nerica Ramsundhar, South Africa
0215 - 0230 PM FP52: Cognitive profile, neuropsychological disorders and concerns in patients with neurofibromatosis Type 1 Maria Puga, Argentina
0230 - 0245 PM FP53: Conners Continuous Performance Test profile in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in relation to their intellectual performance Maria Puga, Argentina
0245 - 0300 PM FP54: Schooling of epileptic children. factors associated with the need for school support. Marina Aberastury, Argentina
0300 - 0315 PM FP55: FMR1 intron 1 methylation analysis: an epigenetic biomarker for the neurodevelopmental phenotype of children with Fragile X. Marta Arpone, Australia
0315 - 0330 PM FP56: The first European studies of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder Claudia Gasparian, Brazil
0330 - 0345 PM FP57: Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the prodrug stimulant lisdexamfetamine dimesylate in children and adolescents with ADHD Claudia Gasparian, Brazil
0345 - 0400 PM FP58: Analysis of motor performance in infants with congenital hypothyroidism who began treatment in the first month of life Môyra Patresi, Brazil
0400- 0415 PM FP59: The importance of identifying neuropsychomotor delays in the development of young children Marcia Valiati, Brazil
0415 - 0430 PM FP60: Unexpected subclinical spikes: Clinical and Neurophysiological correlations Mark Mintz, USA
0430 - 0445 PM FP61: Modulation of the TMS-evoked N100 during a go/nogo task in children with ADHD Paolo Curatolo, Italy
0445- 0500 PM FP62: Correlation with urinary nonylphenol levels and clinical symptoms in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Jung-Chieh Du, Taiwan
14:00-17:00 CNS INFECTIONS
  Chair: TBA
0200 - 0215 PM FP65: Meningitis, Encephalitis, Myelitis and ADEM in Children: Automated Case Ascertainment (ChAT Analysis) in Real-Time Patrick Obermeier, Germany
0215 - 0230 PM FP64: Herpes-simplex encephalitis in patients with onco-hematological disease Mariana González Suarez, Argentina
0230 - 0245 PM FP63: Exogenous BDNF Improves Endogenous Neurogenesis Following Experimental Streptococcus Pneumoniae Meningitis Ling Li, China
0245 - 0300 PM FP66: Clinicoradiological outcomes in children with solitary neurocysticercosis with and without albendazole therapy: a retrospective case record analysis. Sheffali Gulati, India
0300 - 0315 PM FP67: CSF cultures / drug sensitivity in pediatric TBM - experience from a tertiary-care hospital in India Vrajesh Udani, India
0315 - 0330 PM FP68: Clinical Presentation and Prognosis of Pediatric Encephalitis : Experience of a Korean Single Tertiary Center Jun-Sung Park, China
0330 - 0345 PM FP69: Is that diagnostic lumbar puncture necessary? Venkateswaran Ramesh, UK
0345 - 0400 PM FP70: Shingles of the Brain-Recurrent Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus causing  arteriopathy and BasalGanglia Infarction Jean-Pierre Lin, UK
0400- 0415 PM FP71: Paediatric Bacterial Meningitis in Southern Nigeria Angela Frank-Briggs, Nigeria
0415 - 0430 PM FP72: Opportunities of emergency chemoprophylaxis of tick-borne encephalitis in children Natalia Skripchenko, Russia
0430 - 0445 PM FP73: Paradoxical reaction in the central nervous system after tuberculosis treatment in an immunocompromised child Analia Pastrana, Argentina
0445- 0500 PM FP74: Etio-pathogenetic therapy of viral encephalitis in children Natalia Skripchenko, Russia
  Chair: TBA
0200 - 0215 PM FP75: Clinical outcomes in children younger than 12 years with multiple sclerosis treated with subcutaneous interferon beta-1a: subgroup analysis of a retrospective study (REPLAY) Silvia Tenembaum, Argentina
0215 - 0230 PM FP76: Diagnosing childhood small vessel CNS vasculitis: A proposed histological tool. Maryam Nabavi Nouri, Canada
0230 - 0245 PM FP77: Non-traumatic acute myelophaty: a series of 76 cases Hugo Arroyo, Argentina
0245 - 0300 PM FP78: Utility and Safety of Rituximab in pediatric autoimmune and inflammatory CNS disease Ming Lim, UK
0300 - 0315 PM FP79Clinical and Demographic Features of 389 Children with OMS: an International Cohort Elizabeth Tate, USA
0315 - 0330 PM FP80: Pharmacodynamics of immunotherapy for opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome: impact on cytokines/chemokines Michael Pranzatelli, USA
0330 - 0345 PM FP81: Voltage Gated Potassium Channel (VGKC)-complex antibodies in children: what do they mean? Rahul Singh, UK
0345 - 0400 PM FP82: The Clinical Impact of Acute Demyelination of the Central Nervous System in Children Julia O'Mahony, Canada
0400- 0415 PM FP83: Spectrum of MOG autoantibody-associated demyelinating diseases in pediatric patients Silvia Tenembaum, Argentina
0415 - 0430 PM FP84: Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG) antibodies in children without oligoclonal bands predict a non-MS course of acquired demyelination syndrome (ADS). Rahul Singh, UK
0430 - 0445 PM FP85: Therapeutic plasma exchange in paediatric neurology: indications, side effects and outcomes from four UK tertiary centres Cheryl Hemingway, UK
0445- 0500 PM FP86: Clinical characteristics of Irish narcolepsy patients following H1N1 influenza epidemic and vaccination in 2009/2010 Elaine Reade, Ireland
0500 - 0515 PM FP87: Autoimmune encephalitis in children: experience of a tertiary care teaching hospital in North India Rachna Dubey, India
  Chair: TBA
0200 - 0215 PM FP88: Perinatal stroke risk factors: Syndrome-controlled analysis in the Canadian Cerebral Palsy Registry Adam Kirton, Canada
0215 - 0230 PM FP89: Profile of Childhood Cerebrovascular Outpatient Clinic at Hospital in the South of Brazil Marcela Gonçalves, Brazil
0230 - 0245 PM FP90: Neurological involvement in children with E.Coli 0104:H4 induced Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome Hans Hartmann, Germany
0245 - 0300 PM FP91: Is D-dimer measurement useful in pediatric cerebral sinovenous thrombosis? Mahendranath Moharir, Canada
0300 - 0315 PM FP92: Role of prothrombotic risk factors (thrombophilia) in neonatal arterial ischemic stroke Mahendranath Moharir, Canada
0315 - 0330 PM FP93: Robotic quantification of proprioceptive dysfunction in children with perinatal stroke Andrea Kuczynski, Canada
0330 - 0345 PM FP94: Hemicerebellitis: presentation of three cases Gabriela Reyes Valenzuela, Argentina
0345 - 0400 PM FP95: Malignant Middle Cerebral Artery Infarction in Children Andrea Andrade, Canada
0400- 0415 PM FP96: Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome: retrospective analysis of a pediatric intensive care unit Patricia Takahashi, Brazil
0415 - 0430 PM FP97: Isolated Bilateral Carotid Arteritis Presenting With Stroke In Childhood Kevin Shapiro, USA
0430 - 0445 PM FP98: Long-term Neuropsychological Outcome after Childhood Cerebral Sinovenous Thrombosis Mahendranath Moharir, Canada
0445- 0500 PM FP99: Hypothermia in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy preliminary results in neurodevelopmental outcome Claudio Waisburg, Argentina