Important. These pages are retained here for historical purposes only and some of the information may be deprecated. The ICNA would like to thank everyone for making the congress a great success. We look forward to welcoming you again in Taipei, Taiwan for the ICNC2026.

Author Country ID Title Type
Aaron Cardon USA FP27 #417 Pediatric Dystonia: DBS and Diversity in Diencephalic Dysfunction Platform
Adam Kirton Canada FP04 #949 Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation effects on motor learning in perinatal stroke: Short-term outcomes from the PLASTIC CHAMPS trial. Platform
FP88 #953 Perinatal stroke risk factors: Syndrome-controlled analysis in the Canadian Cerebral Palsy Registry Platform
P55 #608 Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in adolescent depression: Clinical and neurochemical effects. Poster
Ahmed Abdelmoity USA P203 #227 Ketogenic Diet Efficacy in the Treatment of Intractable Epileptic Spasms Poster
    P204 #228 The simultaneous use of Ketogenic diet and Vagus Nerve Stimulator in patients with pharmacologically refractory epilepsy Poster
Ahmed Bamaga Canada P113 #393 Down Syndrome: Clinical and EEG Correlates during Development Poster
Aimee Morris USA P287 #667 Treatment of Tremor in Cerebral Palsy with Deep Brain Stimulation Poster
Akiko Tamasaki Japan P420 #236 Arterial spin labeling perfusion MRI analysis in a patient with brain swelling following acute subdural hemorrhage Poster
Akira Nishimura Japan P230 #542 Child Headache Outpatient Clinic Poster
Alan Mackay-Sim Australia FP16 #51 Patient-derived stem cells as models for familial brain disorders Platform
Alberto Spalice Italy P312 #478 EEG and MRI comparison as a predicting factor for neurodevelopmental outcome in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy infant treated with hypothermia Poster
P418 #550 Phelan-McDermid syndrome associated with polymicrogyria Poster
Alberto Velez Van Meerbeke Colombia FP19 #174 Molecular characterization in children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder Platform
Alec Aeby Belgium P102 #572 Early epileptic encephalopathy with suppression-burst revealing RFT1-CDG syndrome: report of two new cases. Platform
Alejandra Stewart USA P211 #280 Assessment of the Implementation of the Epilepsy Quality Measures in the Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs (CCSHCN) Poster
Alessandra Freitas Russo Brazil P3 #603 Psychiatric disorder associated with Cerebral Palsy Platform
P47 #598 Early-onset schizophrenia associated with Cerebral Palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder: a case report Poster
Alexandra Prufer de Q. C. Araujo Brazil FP141 #979 Spinal Muscular Atrophy life span Platform
P53 #857 Delivery and breastfeeding in autism. Poster
Alexandre Serafim Brazil P309 #442 The neurological development of newborns at high risk through outpatient services by multidisciplinary team Platform
Ali Fatemi USA FP01 #460 Glial Precursor Cell Transplantation Improves Behavioral and Neuropathological Outcome in a Model of Neonatal White Matter Injury Platform
Fp13 #464 Expanding the Genetic Landscape of Neurodevelopmental Disorders with Whole Exome Sequencing Platform
P371 #461 A Novel Variant in GABRB2 Associated with Intellectual Disability and Epilepsy Poster
Alice Ho Canada P116 #976 Infra-slow EEG activity and sleep spindle expression - potential window into thalamic function in infantile spasms Poster
Aline Lemos Brazil P342 #924 Brown-Vialetto-van Laere syndrome: a case report Poster
Alireza Tavasoli Iran P262 #540 An experience of childhood neurometabolic diseases registry in Iran,2010-2012 Poster
Alpha Mallillin Philippines P35 #535 Tumoral Cerebral Neuroschistosomiasis in a Filipino Child: A Case Report Poster
P36 #539 Pediatric central nervous system (cns) aspergillosis: a case report Poster
Ana Carolina Cyrino Brazil P277 #969 Hypomyelination with atrophy of the basal ganglia and cerebellum - case report Poster
Ana Carolina Cyrino Brazil P248 #952 Tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) Deficiency: A Case Report Poster
Analia Pastrana Argentina P24 #849 Paradoxical reaction in the central nervous system after tuberculosis treatment in an immunocompetent child. Platform
P374 #723 Therapeutic plasma exchange in children with immune-mediated encephalopathy and a partial response to immunomodulatory treatment. Poster
André Luiz Santos Pessoa Brazil P347 #811 Torsion dystonia (DYT 1) caused by mutation in TOR 1A presenting with Myoclonic dystonia Poster
P348 #977 A case of GLUT1 deficiency syndrome with developmental delay and absence of seizures and movement disorder Poster
Andrea Andrade Canada FP95 #975 Malignant Middle Cerebral Artery Infarction in Children Platform
Andrea Kuczynski Canada FP93 #695 Robotic quantification of proprioceptive dysfunction in children with perinatal stroke Platform
Andrea Savransky Argentina FP77 #881 Non-traumatic acute myelophaty: a series of 76 cases Platform
Andres Barrios Chile P310 #932 Congenital amyoplasia: report of 7 cases Poster
Andrew Zimmerman USA P81 #664 Ctalopram treatment of young children with autism spectrum disorder (asd): correlation with maternal history of depression Poster
Aneesh Khetani Canada P323 #887 The feasibility of performing computerized cognitive testing after mild TBI in a paediatric Emergency Department Poster
Angela Frank-briggs Nigeria P32 #514 Paediatric Bacterial Meningitis in Southern Nigeria. Platform
P171 #512 Epilepsy: Beliefs on causes and treatment modalities amongst caregivers in Southern Nigeria. Poster
Angeles Schteinschnaider Argentina P92 #158 Epilepsia partialis continua: presenting symptom of alpers disease Poster
Anita Saporta Brazil P291 #856 Brazilian version of the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Pediatric scale Poster
Anna Kelemen Hungary P9 #328 In vitro fertilization and cerebral palsy; the Pető Institute experience Poster
Anne Comi USA P448 #436 Leptomeningeal phosphorylated ERK expression and urine vascular biomarkers in Sturge-Weber syndrome Poster
Anneli Kolk Estonia P132 #455 Correlation between social competence and neurocognitive performance in children with epilepsy. Platform
P220 #427 How to effectively evaluate the outcome of neurocognitive rehabilitation in children with neurological disorders? Poster
P227 #606 A possible relation of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene polymorphisms 677T/1298C to migraine in boys and girls. Poster
P437 #611 Are methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase polymorphisms A1298C and C677T genetic risk factors for pediatric stroke and is there difference between boys and girls? Poster
Antigone Papavasiliou Greece P135 #428 Using Self-Regulation concepts to predict sleep problems in adolescents with epilepsy Platform
P136 #541 Using a self-regulation frame of reference for the prediction of quality of life in adolescents with epilepsy Poster
Archana Patel USA P209 #656 An easy to use diagnostic tool for pediatric epilepsy in low-resource regions Poster
Arif Anwar Malaysia P300 #247 Array-cgh technology in the discovery of x-chromosome copy number variants in male patients with mental retardation syndromes Poster
Arushi Saini India FP133 #788 Clinical profile of children with biotinidase deficiency and response to oral biotin therapy: Experience from a developing country Platform
P13 #1000 Analysis of Clinical Profile, Etiological factors and Co-morbidities of Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy in North Indian children Poster
Ashish Kakkar India P141 #268 Serum trace element levels in children receiving antiepileptic drug therapy: a cross-sectional study Poster
Asif Paker USA FP15 #956 Outcome of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Tranplant (HCT) in childhood cerebral Adrenoleukodystrophy (CCALD): a Multi-Institutional Study Platform
Avessandra Costa Avê Brazil P381 #795 Recurrent acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (adem): a case report Poster
Aya Narita Japan FP134 #809 Abnormal Pupillary Light Reflex with Chromatic Pupillometry in Gaucher disease; relation to phenotype and therapeutic response with chaperone therapy Platform
Aye Saan Myanmar P170 #345 EEG study in Myanmar children with complex febrile seizures Poster
Ayse Aksoy Turkey P401 #824 Hashimoto encephalopathy presenting as seizure and acute psychiatric findings Poster
Bakhytkul Myrzaliyeva Kazakhstan P362 #791 Aicardi syndrome in a genotypic male. Case report Poster
Bárbara Hackbart Brazil P377 #583 Mesenteric ischemia following immunoglobin infusion for treatment of anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis Poster
Berten Ceulemans Belgium FP43 #1016 Successful use of Fenfluramine as add-on treatment in Dravet syndrome: A three years prospective follow-up Platform
Betiana Comas Argentina FP44 #720 Usefulness of video-eeg monitoring in children Platform
P87 #677 Epilepsy phenotype in patients with double cortex: an Argentine series Poster
P88 #681 Morbidity in epilepsy surgery using grids or depth electrodes or combined implantations Poster
P89 #687 Surgical treatment of status epilepticus Poster
Biju Hameed United Kingdom P333 #967 A novel method of experimental traumatic brain injury in rodents: validation study Poster
P334 #968 Spironolactone, but not mifepristone, enhances upregulation of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) and neurotrophic Trk B receptor (Trk B) gene expression in a rat model of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Poster
Bolivar Quito-betancourt Ecuador P358 #995 ATP1A3 gene de novo mutation causing Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood in an Ecuadorian girl. Poster
Bolivar Quito-betancourt Ecuador P385 #827 Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. First case with confirmed circulating antibodies in Ecuador Poster
Borna Guevel United Kingdom P422 #983 Generalised radiological abnormality associated with acute neurological presentations in sickle cell disease Poster
Bosanka Jocic-jakubi Kuwait P313 #802 Hypomelanosis of ito associated with multiple brain malformations Poster
Bruria Ben-zeev Israel FP18 #218 Episodic weakness, cerebellar ataxia, deafness and optic atrophy - a new phenotype of a novel ATP1A3 mutation Platform
Bulent Unay Turkey P195 #564 Three-year Follow-up on the Intavenous Immunoglobulin Therapy in Landau-Kleffner Syndrome Poster
Byungchan Lim Korea. Repub P392 #399 Screening autoimmune synaptic antibodies in pediatric patients suspecting autoimmune encephalitis Poster
Camilo Santos Brazil P352 #921 Use of cyclodextrin in two Brazilian girls with Niemann-Pick disease type C Poster
Carla Rojas Chile P120 #930 West syndrome in child with down syndrome: description of a number of cases Poster
Carolina Carvalho Brazil P45 #559 PANDAS Diagnosis in the Ultimate Context of Pediatric Neurology Poster
Carolina Vilte Argentina P226 #999 Acute headache at the emergency department of a pediatric hospital Poster
P96 #525 Epilepsy due to protocadherin 19 gene mutation: report of the first argentinean case. Poster
P308 #537 New antiepileptic drugs in newborns Poster
Cha Gon Lee Korea. Repub P391 #117 The clinical natural course after a first episode of central nerve systems demyelination in children Poster
Charles Lourenco Brazil P343 #1008 GM2 synthase deficiency: a New Inborn Error of Metabolism presenting as Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia with Infantile Onset Poster
Cheryl Hemingway UK FP85 #569 Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in Paediatric Neurology. Indications, Side effects & Outcome from four UK tertiary centres Platform
Ching-shiang Chi Taiwan P267 #635 Life expectancy of Leigh syndrome in infants and children Poster
Christian D. López Guatemala P255 #666 Chondrodysplasia Punctata or Conradi-Hünnermann Syndrome. The first Guatemalan case Poster
Cihan Meral Turkey P269 #453 Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofucsinosis a case report Poster
P270 #1010 Hallervorden-Spatz case report “Case Report” Poster
Claire Teigen USA P372 #172 Adult Onset Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff Diseases Present with Non-specific Motor and Psychiatric Symptoms Poster
Clarisa Maxit Argentina P239 #304 Novel PEX3 mutations identified as the cause of a peroxisomal biogenesis disorder with moderate clinical phenotype Poster
Claudia Gasparian Brazil FP56 #424 The first European studies of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder Platform
FP57 #426 Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the prodrug stimulant lisdexamfetamine dimesylate in children and adolescents with ADHD Platform
Claudia Lopez Chile P119 #873 Electroencephalographic characterization of patients with pervasive disorder development Poster
Cláudia Melo Portugal P68 #819 Stereotypies as a marker of autism severity Poster
P180 #686 Epileptic encephalopathy with STXBP1 mutations - expanding the eletroclinical phenotype Poster
Claudio de Gusmão USA P79 #266 Functional neurological disorder in the pediatric emergency room: characteristics, outcome and diagnostic accuracy Poster
Claudio de Gusmão USA P407 #282 Kleine-Levin syndrome with rapid cycling - case report and review of the literature Poster
Claudio Waisburg Argentina FP99 #675 Hypothermia in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy preliminary results in neurodevelopmental outcome Platform
Clay Brites Brazil P341 #593 The cromossome 14q terminal deletion syndrome: case report with emphasis on neurological aspects Poster
Conceicao Pereira Brazil  P110 #53 Infantile Spasms: a serious neurological disorder following whole-cell pertussis vaccine Poster
Conrado Medici Uruguay P237 #763 Topiramate for migraine headaches in a pediatric population Poster
    P274 #689 Association of dermal Melanocytosis with GM1-Gangliosidosis Type 1 Poster
Coriene Catsman-berrevoets Netherlands P409 #972 The Posterior Fossa Syndrome predicts a poor long term functional outcome Poster
Cristelle Chow Singapore P399 #196 Neuropsychological Outcomes of Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis in Children: A Case Series Poster
Cristiane Martins     Brazil     P290 #994 Atypical clinical and histological presentations in patients with mutations on the RYR1 gene Poster
P241 #674 Biopterin disorder causing hiperphenylalaninemia: two different cases Poster
P242 #683 Tay-sachs disease b1 variant: case report Poster
P51 #258 Intuitive physics in high functioning autists Poster
P52 #775 Autism Spectrum Disorders in a Brazilian Developmental Disorders Project Poster
Csaba Juhasz USA FP38 #82 Clinical, EEG and imaging characteristics of children with Sturge-Weber syndrome: A prospective, longitudinal study Platform
Danielle Rodrigues Brazil P5 #948 Evaluation nutritional and gastrointestinal disorders in healthy and cerebral palsy patients Poster
David Franz USA FP112 #250 Everolimus for subependymal giant cell astrocytoma (SEGA) associated with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC): EXIST-1 long-term efficacy and safety results Platform
Deborah Lee USA P206 #352 Designing a Clinical Study of Clobazam for Dravet Syndrome Using Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Modeling Poster
Devendra Mishra India P145 #33 Clinico-etiological Profile of Infants with first seizure: An Observational Study from a Developing Country Poster
Dian Sari Indonesia P14 #1007 Effectiveness of periodization loaded sit-to-stand strengthening exercise on walking ability and energy expenditure in spastic diplegic cerebral palsy Poster
Dianey Flores Mexico P314 #242 Seguimiento neurológico de recién nacidos pretérmino en una unidad del imss Poster
Dirce Fujiwara Brazil P108 #597 Predictors of recurrence of a first unprovoked seizure in children. A prospective study. Poster
Dong Wook Kim Korea. Repub P165 #355 A Comparison Study on Simple and Complex Febrile Seizures in Korea Poster
Dorota Dunin-wasowicz Poland P175 #387 Simultaneous ACTH and antiviral therapy in West syndrome Poster
P176 #388 Lack of efficacy of monotherapy in epilepsy of the 1st year of life- possible correlation with etiology? Poster
P221 #389 Comparison of the Denver and TIMP tests in infants with cytomegalovirus infection Poster
P222 #390 General movements quality in preterm infants-correlation with intraventricular hemorrhage Poster
Du Kaixian China P125 #548 Application of hydrogen proton magnetic resonance spectrum in infant spasm Poster
Eduardo Fusão Brazil FP03 #195 Development of a portable electronic goniodynamometer for the evaluation of equinus foot in cerebral palsy. Platform
Elaine Reade Ireland FP86 #851 Clinical characteristics of Irish narcolepsy patients following H1N1 influenza epidemic and vaccination in 2009/2010 Platform
Elaine Wirrell USA P212 #90 Does Antiepileptic Drug (AED) Failure for Lack of Efficacy Affect Long-Term Prognosis in Children with Generalized Epilepsy? Poster
Eli Lahat Israel FP09 #510 Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy- Etiology , clinical features and outcome Platform
Elif Acar Arslan Turkey FP28 #962 Methodology of approaches to childhood hereditary ataxias Platform
Elizabeth Kouzmitcheva Canada FP41 #229 Clinical markers of Postictal Generalized EEG Suppression (PGES) in children Platform
Elizabeth Tate USA FP79 #408 Clinical and Demographic Features of 389 Children with OMS: an International Cohort Platform
Ellen Siqueira Brazil P383 #568 Extensive unihemispheric white matter lesion as atypical presentation of X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy Poster
Eppie Yiu  Australia  FP32 #181 An open label clinical pilot study of resveratrol as a treatment for Friedreich ataxia Platform
FP142 #142 Peripheral nerve ultrasound in paediatric Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease Type 1A Platform
Erhan Bayram  Turkey  FP123 #104 valuation of the nerve conduction studies and autonomic functions in patients with agenesis of corpus callosum Platform
P421 #100 Comparison of cranial magnetic resonance imaging findings and clinical features in patients with corpus callosum abnormalities Poster
Esteban Vaucheret  Argentina  FP52 #518 Cognitive profile, neuropsychological disorders and concerns in patients with neurofibromatosis Type 1 Platform
P41 #693 Atention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Videogames: Which games do they play when they play? Poster
Eunhee Kim Korea. Repub P363 #96 Neuropsychiatric Manifestations in Children with 22q11.2 microdeletion syndrome : Single Center Study Poster
Evangeline Wassmer  United Kingdom  P272 #741 Leukoencephalopathy is a common finding in childhood onset Mitochondrial Disease? Poster
P273 #748 Effect Of Miglustat On Neurological Outcome In Early Infantile Niemann Pick C Poster
Fahad Bashiri  Saudi Arabia  P265 #130 Biotin Responsive Basal Ganglia Disease : Unusual presentation with spinal cord involvement Poster
P398 #450 Autoimmune Anti-N-methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor(antiNMDAR) encephalitis: 2 case reports from Saudi Arabia Poster
Farida Iftikhar Pakistan P172 #914 Risk factors for intractable epilepsy in children Poster
Felippe Borlot     Canada
FP31 #610 Phenotypical and Molecular Characterization of Patients with Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation (NBIA) due to PKAN2 gene mutations Platform
    P114 #623 Epilepsy Transition: challenges of caring for adults with childhood-onset seizures Poster
    P243 #128 Mucopolysaccharidosis type IV A: Evidence of Primary and Secondary Central Nervous System Involvement Poster
    P244 #129 Remote Spinal Cord Injury in Mucopolysaccharidosis type IVA after Cervical Decompression Poster
    P245 #394 New insights in mucopolysaccharidosis type vi: neurological perspective Poster
Fernanda Veiga de Goes Brazil P289 #829 Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy Secondary (CIDP) to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Associated to Vitamin B12 Deficiency Poster
Fernanda Castro Monti Brazil P379 #713 Optic neuritis in juvenile idiopathic arthritis patient Poster
Fernanda Guedes Morgado Brazil P344 #974 Lisdexanfetamine as a treatment option for narcholepsia Poster
P380 #605 Neuromyelitis optica in children - a severe disease. Poster
Fiona Baumer USA FP118 #883 White Matter Microstructural Integrity in Syndromic and Idiopathic Autism Platform
Fiona Baumer USA P335 #993 Fatal Outcome Following First Infliximab Infusion in a Child with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Poster
Firdose Nakwa South Africa FP102 #806 Experience with induced hypothermia at a tertiary hospital in a resource limited setting: preliminary results Platform
Francisco Carratalá-Marco Spain P368 #752 Prevalence of LIS1 and related genes mutations in a population sample of 109 patients with structural CNS abnormalities. Poster
Francisco Nobre Brazil P26 #852 Dengue with neurological complications of difficult diagnosis in pediatric patient- a case report Poster
Gabriel Ronen Canada FP45 #132 Trajectories of Health and Well-being in Children with Epilepsy: Hypotheses and Methodology of a Canadian Longitudinal Study Platform
Gabriela Reyes Valenzuela   Argentina   FP94 #941 Hemicerebellitis: presentation of three cases Platform
P240 #986 Management of patients with adrenoleukodystrophy Poster
P425 #944 Vascular malformations of the spinal cord: presentation of a case series Poster
Galiya Kuttykuzhanova Kazakhstan P30 #679 Epidemiological features of purulent bacterial meningitis among children of Almaty. Poster
Ganeshwaran Mochida USA FP14 #978 Identification of genes for autosomal recessive microcephaly by whole-exome sequencing Platform
Geetha Chari USA P320 #585 EEG Monitoring in preterm neonates using a new portable EEG device "microEEG" Poster
Gelsy Naranjo Pelayo Cuba P130 #48 Quality of life in children with West Syndrome in Santiago de Cuba Paediatric Hospital Poster
Gemunu Hewawitharana Sri Lanka P21 #576 Diagnostic value of Brain stem auditory evoked potentials in children Poster
Gillian Riordan South Africa FP136 #557 Mitochondrial Molecular Genetic Mutations found in a South African population 1992-2012 Platform
Giuliana Salmazo Brazil P351 #712 Case Report: Joubert Syndrome Poster
Gopukumar Kumarpillai India P143 #269 The effect of depression on cognitive performance in children with refractory mesial temporal sclerosis (mts) Poster
Guillermo Agosta Argentina P86 #581 Multimodal intraoperative monitoring in spinal surgery: retrospective multicentric analysis and recomendations based in 1890 cases. Poster
Gulcin Akinci Turkey P268 #920 Characterization of behavioral and seizure related manifestations of guanidinoacetate-methyltransferase deficiency. Poster
Gustavo Holanda Brazil FP126 #760 Subacute combined sclerosis of the spinal cord and necrotizing enterocolitis after ileal resection: a forgotten link Platform
Hans Hartmann Germany FP90 #101 Neurological Involvement in Children with E. coli O104:H4-induced Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome Platform
Harshuti Shah India P260 #285 Chronic peripheral neuropathy progressing to encephalopathy as a result of lead intoxication Poster
Harshuti Shah India P261 #449 Multiple carboxylase deficiency presenting as acute encephalopathy Poster
Heba El Khashab Egypt FP06 #828 Cerebellar vermal involvement in patients with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and relation to cognitive functions. Platform
Hector Waisburg Argentina P97 #722 The SCN1A gene, early epilepsies, and genotype/phenotype correlation Poster
Helene Dubreuil Canada P115 #866 Absence status epilepticus in children as their first presentation of absence epilepsy: a report of 4 cases. Poster
Henry Galvez Guatemala P28 #884 Meningitis in childrens, in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Factor of Prognosis. Poster
Hesham Kozou Egypt P57 #333 Study of auditory processing in children with autistic disorder Poster
Hilla Ben-pazi Israel FP02 #493 Go for the Cause: Significant Genomic Rearrangements in Cryptogenic Cerebral Palsy Platform
Hiroki Iwasaki Japan P419 #38 The use of susceptibility-weighted imaging for epileptic focus localization in acute stage pediatric encephalopathy: A case report Poster
Hiromi Wada Japan P65 #126 Perinatal thyroid hormone deficiency and ultrasonic vocalization in neonatal and juvenile rats Poster
Hoda Tomoum Egypt P253 #599 Role of Plasma Aminoacids and Urinary Organic Acids in Diagnosis of Mitochondrial Diseases in Children Poster
Hsiu-fen Lee Taiwan P192 #636 Status epilepticus in infants and children Poster
Huei-shyong Wang Taiwan P284 #277 Efficacy of finasteride in the treatment of adults with refractory Tourette disorders. Poster
Hugo Sampaio Australia FP140 #1009 Bone health in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: natural history, pathogenesis and treatment Platform
Hui Xiong China FP146 #716 Phenotype - genotype analysis of Chinese patients with early-onset LMNA-related muscular dystrophy Platform
Huiyuan Jiang USA P205 #29 Autoimmune Encephalitis with Anti-VGKC Antibodies Mimicking HSV Encephalitis in a Teenage Boy Poster
Hung Pi-lien Taiwan FP111 #206 Transcription Regulation of Thyroxin Protective Effect on White Matter Injury Platform
Hussein Abdeldayem Egypt P56 #805 Is Autism a Curable Disease: The Successful OSHA Program From Alex Poster
Iara Bittencourt Brazil P321 #742 Alterações autonômicas em empiema pleural septado: relato de dois casos pediátricos Poster
Igor Bandeira Brazil P340 #871 Treatment of facial myotonia with botulinum toxin type A (BTX-A) in the Schwartz-Jampel syndrome (SJS): report of two cases Poster
Ilona Kopyta   Poland   P19 #216 The biomechanical methods of the gait evaluation in children with cerebral palsy. Poster
P178 #118 Predictors of post-stroke seizures in Polish paediatric patients Poster
P394 #119 Non-paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis- clinical course in 10-years-old boy Poster
Ilya Bragin USA P238 #621 Headaches Associated With Bilateral Choroid Plexus Xanthogranulomas - Are they always benign? Case Report and Literature Review Poster
Imad Saadeldin  United Arab Emirates  P198 #435 Visually induced epilepsies Poster
P199 #438 The spectrum of benign neonatal and infantile seizures Poster
Ines Caro Kahn   Peru   P301 #992 Síndrome Somatomorfo posterior a la vacunación contra la Hepatitis B notificado como ESAVI y su impacto en la vacunación contra la Hepatitis B en Ica, Perú Poster
P302 #997 Poliomielitis Aguda Pos Vacunal en el Perú Reporte de cinco casos y análisis del impacto social y sanitario entre los años 2009 y 2011 Poster
P315 #907 Neurologic manifestations of infant chronic lead poisoning. report of 9 cases Poster
Ingrid Zavaleta Brazil P112 #848 Evaluation of the Quality of Life of Parents and Carers of Children and Adolescents with Refractory Epilepsy in comparison with Parents and Caregivers of Children with Down Syndrome Poster
Ingrid Zavaleta Brazil P431 #868 Study of Stroke in Childhood and Adolescence Poster
Inmaculada Carreras Sáez Spain FP08 #221 Neurological manifestations of Incontinentia Pigmenti Platform
Inmaculada Carreras Sáez Spain P266 #223 Epilepsy as a form of presentation of hyperprolinemia type i: a purpose of two cases Poster
Isac Bruck Brazil P219 #69 Effects of musical literacy acquisition on children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy: is it possible to improve the cognition? Poster
Ishita Siddiq Canada P250 #105 Rapid clinical and neuroradiological reversal of stroke-like episodes in MELAS syndrome following high dose L-arginine Poster
Iuri Capelatto Brazil P44 #262 Cognitive Functions and Emotional Aspects in Children with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder Poster
Daniel Guillen Pinto Peru P173 #890 Clinical and Epidemiological Characteristics of Children with Refractory Epilepsy Treated at a Tertiary Hospital in Lima, Peru. Poster
Ivanna Yau Canada P433 #685 Familial moyamoya in 3 siblings with confirmed c.14576G>A variant mutation in RNF213 gene of South Asian (Bangladeshi) descent Poster
Jacob Genizi Israel P229 #278 Prevalence of Headache among Adolescents in Northern Israel Poster
Jana Domínguez-Carral Spain P74 #193 The role of epilepsy in autistic regression Poster
Janak Nathan  India  FP42 #889 Who are the super responders to the ketogenic diet? Platform
P146 #888 Ketogenic diet can be improved with a high polyunsaturated fatty acid content Poster
Janeusa Chagas Brazil P25 #865 Forma infanto-juvenil da Mielopatia associada ao HTLV-1/ paraparesia espástica tropical (HAM / TSP): Seguimento clínico em uma coorte de 10 ano Poster
Jennifer Saunders Canada P432 #757 Resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging of motor networks in perinatal stroke Poster
Jiangxi Xiao China P251 #292 Quantitative Measurement of Cerebral Oxygen Extraction Fraction Using MRI in Patients with MELAS in Different Phases Poster
Jianxiang Liao China P293 #136 The Investigation of Genetics, Serum Biochemistry and Pathology in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Poster
Jin Sook Lee Korea. Repub P450 #1017 Mutational analysis of TSC1 and TSC2 in Korean patients with tuberous sclerosis complex: genotype and epilepsy Poster
Jing Peng China P357 #396 Next generation massively parallel sequencing of targeted exomes to identify genetic mutations in Chinese unknown cause early-onset epileptic encephalopathies Poster
Jingmin Wang  China  FP20 #314 Novel MLC1 and GLIACAM mutations analysis and follow-up study in Chinese patients with Megalencephalic Leukoencephalotathy with Subcortical Cysts Platform
FP23 #312 Proteolipid protein 1 and gap junction α12 gene mutations in 72 Chinese patients with Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease/ Pelizaeus-Merzbacher like disease and prenatal diagnosis of 15 fetuses in twelve Chinese families with PMD probands Platform
Jitendra Sahu India P149 #631 Safety, feasibility and effectiveness of oral zonisamide monotherapy in comparison with intramuscular adrenocorticotropic hormone in infants with west syndrome Poster
Jitendra Sahu India P150 #648 A study on unique association of polymicrogyria, sleep-related electrical status-epilepticus and intractable drop-attacks Poster
Jithangi Wanigasinghe Sri Lanka P189 #922 Sustained short term spasm control with intramuscular ACTH or oral prednisolone: Randamised, single blind clinical trial – preliminary report Poster
    P190 #942 Prescription pattern of anti-epileptic medications for childhood epilepsy among paediatric neurologists Poster
    P235 #954 Prevalence of Headache among school children in a district in the dry zone in Sri Lanka Poster
João Jg Brazil P345 #919 Protein C deficiency in children and adolescents with sickle cell anemia post-stroke Poster
João Kannebley Brazil P246 #175 Clinical and radiologic features in 12 patients with juvenile and adult GM1 Gangliosidosis. Poster
Joao Tussolini Brazil FP143 #998 Schwartz Jampel Syndrome: Two cases report Platform
    P54 #996 School phobia secundary to bullying by gigante nevus congenital – amazonas’ case report Poster
    P430 #961 STURGE-WEBER: A retrospective study of 28 pacients Poster
Joceli Da Silva Brazil P105 #600 Hemispheric surgery for epilepsy in children: outcome regarding seizures and language Poster
Jocelyn Montalvo-ortiz Puerto Rico P281 #179 Chorea as a Manifestation of CNS Vasculitis in a 6-Year-Old Boy with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Poster
Johnny Montiel Blanco Peru P33 #781 Menigoencefalitis tuberculosa en niños Poster
Jon Soo Kim Korea. Repub FP73 #98 An Outbreak of Mumps meningitis among Adolescents in Single tertiary Center Platform
Jon Soo Kim Malaysia P337 #1006 ROHHAD: Rapid onset obesity and the idiopathic hypothalamic syndrome in children Poster
Jonathan Mink USA FP25 #673 Movement Disorders in the Neuronal Ceroid Lipofusinoses Platform
  USA FP26 #903 Coprophenomena are Associated with High Clinical Impact in Tourette Syndrome Platform
Joon Won Kang Korea. Repub P162 #543 TonEBP Expression of Astrocytes in Epileptic Animal Model Poster
Judith Vila Peru P18 #971 Caracterãsticas de la atenciã“n de salud de niã‘os con parãlisis cerebral evaluados en la unidad de neurologãa pediãtrica del hospital nacional cayetano heredia durante el periodo 2011-2012 Poster
Julia O'mahony Canada FP82 #951 The Clinical Impact of Acute Demyelination of the Central Nervous System in Children Platform
Julia Sadovskaya Russia P69 #669 New diagnostic method of Developmental dyspraxia in children Poster
Juliana Arita Brazil FP127 #926 Coenzyme q10 deficiency: clinical and biochemical characterization Platform
Juliana Peixoto Brazil P346 #820 Infantile pompe's disease: a case report Poster
Juliana Pinheiro Brazil FP125 #808 Methylmalonic acidemia: diagnosis and long-term outcome Platform
Juliane Dalbem Brazil P106 #799 Prevalence of febrile seizure - a population-based study Poster
Jun Hwa Lee Korea. Repub P16 #650 A case of Korean infant with clinically diagnosed Cerebro-Oculo-Facio-Skeletal Syndrome Poster
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    P210 #721 Human Papillomavirus Infection Is Not Causally Related to FCD IIB Poster
Kim Young Korea. Repub P264 #421 X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy in childhood Poster
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Konstantin Pushkarev Kazakhstan P440 #590 Ischemic stroke in childhood Poster
Kosmapatabendige Dalpatadu United Kingdom P369 #899 Congenital fibrosis of extra ocular muscles (CFEOM) resulting from mutations in tubulin 3 (TUBB3) can mimic Moebius syndrome Poster
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Lakshmi Nagarajan Australia P98 #159 Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation tDCS in Refractory Focal Epilepsy: Case Report Poster
    P99 #375 Lacosmide as adjunctive therapy in Children with Refractory Focal Epilepsy Poster
    P100 #615 New Onset Seizure Clinic for Children: Need and Importance Poster
Lance Rodan Canada FP124 #208 Insights into therapeutic mechanisms of L-arginine therapy in MELAS syndrome using exercise testing with cycle ergometry and 31P-MRS of muscle Platform
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    P387 #662 Variable manifestations of Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis in children: Case series from tertiary care centre in India Poster
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Mã´yra Patresi Brazil P4 #286 Perspectives of Educators Regarding Physical Therapy Work in an Inclusive Context Poster
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Manjeet Raina United Kingdom P305 #380 Triplication of PMP22 gene region associated with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease-1A Poster
    P446 #381 To report a unique case of bilateral middle cerebral artery infarction associated with sildenafil use in a child. Poster
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Marcela Gonçalves Brazil FP89 #587 Profile of Childhood Cerebrovascular Outpatient Clinic at Hospital in the South of Brazil Platform
    P376 #579 Hemorrhagic Acute Diffuse Encephalomyelitis associated with Bordetella pertussis Poster
Marcia Valiati Brazil FP59 #797 The importance of identifying neuropsychomotor delays in the development of young children Platform
Marco Casartelli Paraguay P67 #927 Psycho-emotional and psychosomatic disorders in mothers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Poster
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Maria Lopez Chile P118 #825 Clinical spectrum and handling in 13 children with electric sleep status Poster
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Marian Girgis Egypt P131 #349 Serum vitamin d and some bone markers levels in Epilepsy Poster
Mariana Ciobanu USA P447 #246 Rationale and design of an International Maternal Newborn Stroke Registry : Poster
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    P85 #639 Complex Febrile Seizures: Neuroimaging and electroencephalogram utility in emergency Poster
Mario Massaro Argentina FP34 #466 Favorable response to acetazolamide in a case of glut-1 deficiency Platform
Marisol Toma Argentina P93 #519 Treatment with modified Atkins diet type in nine patients with drug-resistant epilepsy Poster
Mark Mintz USA P80 #946 Unexpected Subclinical Spikes: Clinical and Neuropsychological Correlations Poster
Marta Arpone Australia FP55 #471 FMR1 intron 1 methylation analysis: an epigenetic biomarker for the neurodevelopmental phenotype of children with Fragile X. Platform
Martha Bolanos Philippines P34 #382 Neurologic Outcomes among Filipino Children Diagnosed with Central Nervous System Infection Poster
Maryam Nabavi Nouri Canada FP76 #697 Diagnosing childhood small vessel CNS vasculitis: A proposed histological tool. Platform
Masaya Segawa Japan FP30 #892 Developmental stages of Basal Ganglia reflects Movement Disorders in Childhood Platform
Mehtab Iqbal United Kingdom P77 #990 Sleeping beauty syndrome!! A case report of Kleine-Levine syndrome Poster
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Micaela Pauni Argentina P91 #415 EEG monitoring in critically ill children: Indications, findings and impact on clinical management. Poster
    P225 #746 Intracranial hypertension in infancy: idiopathic intracranial hypertension or sencundary pseudotumor cerebri syndrome Poster
Michael Pranzatelli USA FP80 #409 Pharmacodynamics of immunotherapy for opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome: impact on cytokines/chemokines Platform
Michele Pozzato Brazil P349 #161 Mutation screening of FOXP2 gene in autism and Asperger syndrome Poster
Michelle Ouro Brazil P50 #138 Influence of congenital hypothyroidism on psychomotor performance in infants Poster
Min Ong United Kingdom P370 #698 Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia Poster
Ming-tao Yang Taiwan P75 #106 Hyperactivity and impulsivity in children with pure, untreated allergic rhinitis Poster
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    P22 #433 A Vascular Anomaly Presenting with Toe Walking Poster
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Mohammed Jan Saudi Arabia P72 #18 The Influence of Fish Oil on Neurological Development and Function Poster
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    P183 #19 Public Awareness and Attitudes towards Epilepsy Poster
    P184 #240 Primary School Teacher's knowledge and attitudes toward children with epilepsy Poster
Monica Ferrea Argentina P90 #707 Reflex epilepsy in childhood Poster
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Monica Juneja India P10 #917 Multi-level botulinum injections in lower limbs for patients with cerebral palsy: long term experience from a developing country Poster
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    P435 #815 Risk Factors for Perinatal Arterial Ischaemic Stroke: a Case-control Study Poster
    P436 #875 Evolution and prognosis in pediatric arterial ischemic stroke in a serie of 64 patients Poster
Môyra Patresi Brazil FP58 #565 Analysis of motor performance in infants with congenital hypothyroidism who began treatment in the first month of life Platform
Mustafa Salih Saudi Arabia FP29 #21 PLA2G6 gene mutations cause evolving spinocerebellar ataxia influenced by the genotype Platform
    P366 #444 Pellagra-like Syndrome Proves to be a Variant of Xeroderma Pigmentosum-Cockayne Syndrome and Niacin Confers Clinical Benefit Poster
Narayan Saha Bangladesh FP05 #437 Comparative Study of Baclofen and Tizanidine in Reducing Spasticity in Cerebral Palsy- A Randomized Controlled Trial Platform
    P427 #441 Clinical Presentation of Moyamoya Disease and its association with Neuroimaging among Bangladeshi Children. Poster
Natalia Skripchenko Russia FP74 #405 Etio-patogenetic therapy of viral encephalitis in children Platform
    P37 #628 Opportunities of emergency chemoprophylaxis of tick-borne encephalitis in children Poster
Nerica Ramsundhar South Africa FP51 #452 Children with autsim and epilepsy:a descriptive clinical cohort study from south africa Platform
Nezir Özgün Turkey FP120 #329 Atypical Case of a HSV-1 Meningoencephalitis (HSE) Involving Corpus Striatum Platform
    P285 #356 A Gilles de la Tourette (TS) case fully recovered by Topiramat Poster
Nicolas Deconinck Belgium P339 #272 Hotfoot mutant in human characterized by cerebellar ataxia and early-onset retinal dystrophy caused by homozygous GRID2 deletion Poster
Nikil Sudarsan United Kingdom P306 #346 Infantile Axonal Neuropathy -a case series Poster
Nikolay Zavadenko Russia P70 #684 Developmental features in children with dysphasia. Poster
Nilton Santos Brazil P111 #646 Epilepsy surgery in posterior cortex: short and long-term outcomes Poster
Nomazulu Dlamini United Kingdom FP96 #940 Shingles of the Brain - recurrent Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus Causing Arteriopathy and Basal Ganglia Infarction Platform
    P445 #950 Stroke Outcome Prognostication in the Critical Care Setting Poster
Norimichi Higurashi Japan FP39 #618 High prevalence of autoantibodies to N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor and the efficacy of glucocorticoids in PCDH19-related female-limited epilepsy Platform
Norina Rachel Collantes Philippines FP72 #629 Skull and Atlantoaxial Tuberculosis mimicking Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Platform
Nouha Bouayed Tunisia P76 #131 Autism spectrum disorder in Sotos syndrome: Two cases Poster
Olga Lvova Russia P331 #672 Cclinical features of encephalopathy in children with burns Poster
Onder Doksoz Turkey P193 #691 Dispersion durations of P-wave and QT interval in children treated with ketogenic diet Poster
    P194 #837 Mediterranean Style Ketogenic diet: Efficacy and Safety Poster
Otto Muzik USA P207 #87 Quantification of connectivity strength between epileptogenic cortex and remote FDG PET abnormalities in children with ETL epilepsy Poster
Pablo Jorrat Argentina P288 #531 Stiff person: pediatric case report Poster
    P373 #467 Anti-gq1b igg antibody syndrome: miller fisher syndrome and bickerstaff's brainstem encephalitis superposition Poster
Paola Santander Chile FP130 #882 Mitochondrial dna disease: clinical spectrum from the genotype to the phenotype Platform
Paolo Curatolo Italy P361 #1011 TOSCA - TuberOus SClerosis registry to increAse disease awareness Poster
FP61 #342 Modulation of the TMS-evoked N100 during a go/nogo task in children with ADHD Platform
P157 #343 Attention impairments in Benign Childhood Epilepsy with Centrotemporal spikes and Childhood Absence Epilepsy Poster
Paramdeep Singh India P29 #301 Tuberculosis (TB) of the Central Nervous System in Children: Clinical and MR Imaging Findings Poster
Patricia Mariano Da Costa Brazil P378 #810 Case report: subacute sclerosing panencephalitis Poster
Patricia Takahashi Brazil P429 #659 Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome: retrospective analysis of a pediatric intensive care unity Poster
Patrick Obermeier Germany FP65 #676 Meningitis, Encephalitis, Myelitis and ADEM in Children: Automated Case Ascertainment (ChAT Analysis) in Real-Time Platform
Paul Hwang Canada P117 #894 Alternating Hemiplegia extends beyond Childhood to Adulthood Poster
Paulina Carullo Argentina FP17 #813 An approach to genotype-phenotype correlation in rett syndrome Platform
    P39 #487 Adaptive Behavior and Developmental Level in Preschool Children Referred for Possible Autism Spectrum Disorder Poster
    P338 #817 Clinical and radiological findings in malformations of cortical development: clues for genetic testing Poster
Philomine Daphne Obligar Philippines P174 #133 Quality of life of filipino children with epilepsy aged 5-12 years old using pedsql tm 4.0 Poster
    P280 #139 Movement Disorder in Three Filipino Adolescents with Anti NMDA Receptor Encephalitis: A case series Poster
Pilar Medina Peru FP101 #536 Burden of neurologic disease in a peruvian neonatal intensive care unit Platform
Pinar Gencpinar Turkey P317 #931 An Unusual Cause of Brachial Plexus Palsy in Neonatal Period: Retropharyngeal Abscess Poster
    P402 #936 Longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis in a-17-month old girl patient with recurrent hypotonia attacks treated with intravenous immunoglobulin Poster
Ping Yuan China P294 #324 Clinical of different phenotypes with spinal muscular atrophy in children Poster
Po-cheng Hung Taiwan P38 #167 Cervical Spinal Cord Compression in a Child with Cervicofacial Actinomycosis Poster
Prakash Satodia United Kingdom FP103 #696 Fetal ventriculomegaly investigations and outcomes - 5 year experience Platform
    FP104 #777 Fetal MR neuroimaging - what is the outcome? Platform
    P319 #989 Neonatal seizures and metabolic disorders in a tertiary NICU Poster
Prashant Jauhari India P449 #966 A Prospective analytical study on clinical and neuroradiological profile of term and preterm children with spastic diplegia. Poster
Prastiya Gunawan Indonesia P155 #401 The effectiveness of intramuscular midazolam compared to rectal diazepam for anticonvulsant in children Poster
Praveen Kishore India P142 #287 Hyperhomocysteinemia: Essential evil in children on Anti Epileptics? Poster
Priya Thomas India P152 #220 Feasibility of a Parenting Training Programme in Pediatric Epilepsy Poster
    P299 #219 Psychosocial intervention programme for families of patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Poster
Puneet Jain India FP116 #351 Serum alpha-tocopherol, vitamin B12 and folate levels in Childhood ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) survivors with and without neuropathy Platform
    P140 #897 Efficacy and safety of oral Triclofos as sedative for children undergoing sleep EEG "An observational study" Poster
    P279 #319 Primary myoclonus-dystonia – Often underdiagnosed entity: Report of four affected families Poster
    P295 #501 A child with anti-GQ1b syndrome presenting with complete ophthalmoplegia and unilateral facial palsy. Poster
    P417 #350 The spectrum of leukodystrophies in children: experience at a tertiary care centre from north India Poster
Rachna Dubey India P138 #485 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children with epilepsy Poster
    FP66 #732 Clinicoradiological outcomes in children with solitary neurocysticercosis with and without albendazole therapy: a retrospective case record analysis. Platform
    FP87 #566 Autoimmune encephalitis in children: experience of a tertiary care teaching hospital in North India Platform
    P139 #556 Long term outcome of children with West syndrome: A retrospective case record analysis Poster
    P360 #567 Novel mitochondrial mutation in an Indian family causing autosomal recessive neurodegenerative disorder Poster
    P386 #522 A pediatric cohort of recurrent central nervous system demyelination; experience of a tertiary centre from north India Poster
    P58 #524 Prevalence of sleep abnormalities in autistic children- a cross sectional study Poster
Rael Laugesaar Estonia P438 #649 Epilepsy after presumed perinatal stroke Poster
Rafaela Viana Brazil FP115 #592 Gliomatosis Ceribri in childhood – case report Platform
    P384 #580 Association between acute disseminated encephalomyelitis and Guillain-Barré syndrome in a child Poster
Rahul Singh United Kingdom P403 #895 Hemiconvulsion-Hemiplegia-Epilepsy (HHE) syndrome presenting with no apparent hemiconvulsion: A case report. Poster
    P404 #943 Electrophysiological features of childhood autoimmune encephalitis Poster
    P411 #793 The utility of a semi-quantitative scoring of orbital imaging following the first episode of optic neuritis: A pilot study. Poster
Raili Riikonen Finland P134 #281 Does vigabatrin treatment for infantile spasms cause visual field defects ? An international multicenter study Poster
Ramalakshmi Ramiah United Kingdom P202 #690 Head-to-Head Comparison of Ketogenic Diet and Vagus Nerve Stimulation in Paediatric Population with Pharamacoresistant Epilepsies Poster
Ramesh Konanki India FP47 #658 Clinico etiological profile of infantile onset epilepsy at a tertiary care center in India Platform
    P296 #660 Limb Girdle Myasthenia: An uncommon, treatable cause of proximal muscle weakness in children Poster
Ranju Mehta India FP50 #900 Efficacy and Tolerability of the Modified Atkins Diet in young children with refractory epilepsy Platform
Rashmi Kumar India FP07 #91 Prevalence & Risk Factors for neurological disorders in children aged 9-15 years in northern India Platform
    P60 #440 Adaptation of the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale and its use in 3-9 year old Indian Children Poster
Rebecca Lehman USA P286 #715 Redefining the clinical phenotype of psychomotor disabilities with X-Linked MCT8 Disease: Implications for improved therapies. Poster
Reetika Saini India P311 #782 Effect of severe perinatal asphyxia on pituitary and thyroid functions in neonates Poster
Renata Silva Brazil P414 #170 An unusual cause of blindness: bilateral geniculate lesion. Poster
Richard Haas USA FP107 #891 A Neonatal Seizure Blinded Treatment Trial Platform
Richard Idro Uganda P197 #400 Nodding syndrome patients improve with symptomatic treatment Poster
Rita Ilari Argentina P412 #506 Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1) in children and Unidentified Bright Objects (UBOs) on Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRI). Poster
Rita Silva Portugal P83 #818 Promoting Pediatric Neurology care in Cape Verde – a Portuguese Project Poster
    P442 #842 Preventing Stroke in Sickle Cell Disease in Portugal Poster
Robert Ouvrier Australia FP138 #737 Clinical aspects of a treatable form of childhood peripheral neuropathy due to riboflavin transporter deficiency caused by mutations of the SLC52A2 gene Platform
Roberto Sacco Italy FP40 #134 Autistic children with eeg abnormalities and/or epilepsy: clinical characterization in two independent samples Platform
Roland Ibekwe South Africa P185 #508 The role of melatonin in the effective attainment of Electroencephalograms in Children in a sub-Saharan African setting Poster
Romina Moavero Italy P158 #81 Early EEG monitoring following prenatal diagnosis predicts epileptogenesis in tuberous sclerosis Poster
    P159 #84 Rufinamide as adjunctive drug in refractory epilepsy due to neuronal migration disorders Poster
Rotem Orbach Israel P389 #792 Does increased intracranial pressure contribute to the clinical symptomatology of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM)? Poster
Rubin Jure Argentina P40 #609 Blindness and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) Poster
Russell Dale Australia FP78 #736 Utility and Safety of Rituximab in pediatric autoimmune and inflammatory CNS disease Platform
Sajun Chung Korea. Repub P66 #115 Epileptiform discharges in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder Poster
Samata Singhi USA P23 #779 Concerns and felt needs of parents of disabled children living in urban slums Poster
Samson Gwer Kenya P328 #318 The Tympanic Membrane Displacement Analyser for Monitoring Intracranial Pressure in Childhood Acute Coma Poster
Sandya Tirupathi United Kingdom P307 #957 Prepubertal Myasthenia Gravis-Is infection a trigger or the cause? Poster
    P405 #916 Anti-MOG antibodies in Paediatric Demyelinating Disease Poster
Sangeetha Yoganathan India FP145 #652 Prevalence of electrophysiologically defined peripheral neuropathy in children with chronic kidney disease stage IV and V: a cross sectional study Platform
    P154 #645 Prevalence of haemostatic abnormalities in epileptic children on valproate monotherapy: a cross sectional study Poster
Scarlet Witting Chile P122 #862 Epilepsy associated to inborn errors of metabolism, study and evolution of 68 patients Poster
    P123 #861 Dravet syndrome: description of 4 patients with genetic confirmation Poster
Sekhar Pillai Australia P375 #915 The aetiology, outcome and MRI of acute childhood encephalitis in a retrospective Australian cohort; emerging antibody-mediated encephalitides Poster
Senthil Kumar India P82 #719 Reporting of Systematic Reviews and/or Meta-Analyses in Eight Child Neurology Journals- a Quantitative Bibliometric Analysis of Research Publications Poster
Seong Joon Kim Korea. Repub P31 #178 A case of infective endocarditis presented with bacterial meningitis Poster
Sergio Antoniuk Brazil P42 #710 Assessment of working memory and its relationship to the general intellectual performance in patients with Tuberous Sclerosis assessed by the Wechsler Intelligence Scale Poster
    P43 #832 Effects of stimulant medications for Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder: study of 452 Brazilian patients Poster
Sergiusz Jozwiak Poland FP113 #254 Safety of everolimus in patients Platform
    P177 #137 Eepistop - international, long-term, prospective study evaluating clinical and molecular biomarkers of epileptogenesis in a genetic model of epilepsy tuberous sclerosis complex Poster
Seunghyo Kim Kim Korea. Repub P166 #544 A retrospective analysis of patients with febrile convulsion(FC) followed by subsequent epilepsy on Jeju Island, South Korea Poster
Shaanvar Shamansurov Uzbekistan P214 #918 Some clinical features of Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy in Children Poster
Shahid Bashir Saudi Arabia P71 #50 Endothelial Antibody Levels in the Sera of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders Poster
Sharmila Mukherjee India P61 #634 Diagnostic accuracy of 'Indian Scale of Assessment of Autism (ISAA)' in 2 “ 9 year old Indian children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Poster
    P62 #638 Evaluation of adaptive profiles of Indian children aged 2 – 9 years with Autism Spectrum Disorder Poster
Sharon Kirshner Israel P15 #801 Effect of affective visual stimuli in a virtual meal-making environment on children with cerebral palsy Poster
Shekeeb Mohammad Australia FP33 #83 Movement disorder phenomenology helps differentiate NMDAR encephalitis from autoimmune basal ganglia encephalitis Platform
Shuizhen Zhou China FP36 #751 Clinical and genetic analysis of eight idiopathic cases of paroxysmal dyskinesia Platform
Siddharth Jain United Kingdom FP147 #462 Sibling-pair with Mitofusin 2 mutation Platform
    P200 #913 Seizure and Developmental Outcome of Infantile (epileptic) Spasms Starting as FE in Early Infancy Poster
    P371 #461 A Novel Variant in GABRB2 Associated with Intellectual Disability and Epilepsy Poster
Silvia Tenembaum Argentina FP75 #237 Clinical outcomes in children younger than 12 years with multiple sclerosis treated with subcutaneous interferon beta-1a: subgroup analysis of a retrospective study (REPLAY) Platform
    FP83 #249 Spectrum of MOG autoantibody-associated demyelinating diseases in pediatric patients Platform
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Rahul Singh United Kingdom

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