thumb medal prichardMedal commissioned by Dr. Prichard to commemorate the first ICNA congress in Toronto in 1975, created by a local Toronto artist.

First ICNA Congress Summary (October 6-10, 1975, Toronto)

Congress Organization

  • Organizer and President: Dr. John Stobo Prichard
  • Scientific Committee Chair: Dr. Isabelle Rapin

Key Events and Dates

  • Congress Dates: October 6-10, 1975
  • Followed by:
    • United States Child Neurology Society meeting on October 3-4 in Hamilton, Ontario
    • Canadian Association of Child Neurology meeting
    • Overlapped with International Society for Paediatric Neurosurgery

Joint Symposium Topics (October 8)

  • The neurosciences and the quality of life
  • Brain death in infancy and childhood
  • Behavior disorders in childhood: their treatment

Satellite Meetings

  • 2nd Canadian Sandoz Headache Symposium: October 4
  • Joint Meetings with International Brain Research Organization: October 6-7
    • Developmental neurobiology
    • Brain dysfunction in infantile febrile convulsions

Notable Attendees and Lectures

  • World Federation of Neurology Representative: Dr. Sigvald Refsum (Norway)
  • International Paediatric Association Representative: Dr. Thomas Stapleton (Australia)
  • Hospital for Sick Children Centennial Lecture: Dr. Sven Brandt (Denmark) - "The parentage of child neurology"
  • Plenary Lecture on Lennox–Gastaut Syndrome: Dr. Henri Gastaut (Unable to attend due to illness)
  • Symposia Topics with Invited Speakers: Neonatal neurology and learning disabilities


  • Proceedings: Published as 'Topics in Child Neurology' (1977) edited by Dr. Michael Blaw and colleagues
  • Symposium Proceedings: Published as 'Brain Dysfunction in Infantile Febrile Convulsions' edited by Drs. M.A.B. Brazier and F. Cocceani

Presentations and Innovations

  • Free Papers and Posters: 135 presentations
  • Notable Presentation: Dr. Masaya Segawa and colleagues described a new variant of childhood dystonia, later known as Segawa disease
  • Social Event: Wine and cheese reception during the poster session on the first evening

Special Arrangements

  • Dinner Receptions: Hosted for foreign delegates at the homes of Toronto colleagues
  • Language and Translation:
    • Presentations in English with some simultaneous translations into French and Spanish
    • Dr. Walter Chuquisengo Martinez (Peru) assisted with translations

Attendance and Commemoration

  • Total Attendance: 800 participants
  • Commemorative Medal: Commissioned by Dr. Prichard from a local artist