Tips on How to do Research

A. Reading research papers:

  1. How to read and critique a research paper 
  2. How to read and critique a Systematic Review 

B. Asking the research question

Asking the research question (Adam Kirton, Canada)

C. Conducting Research:

        1. Using surveys and questionnaires effectively 

        2. Qualitative Research Methods 

        3. Different Study designs and when to use them 

       4.  Research in Resource Limited Regions 

       5.  Research in Resource Equipped Regions 

       6Aspects of Clinical trials (Haluk Topaloglu) 

D. Data analysis –(Stats 1 , Stats 2 and Betenskystats)

     1. Article 1

     2. Article 2

     3. Article 3

E. How to Present your Data

    1. Writing a research paper- 

The following collection of videos provide an overview of the process in writing a research paper. Each video is brief and provides tips on writing each of the various sections, as well as tips prior to submitting your article. 

    2. How to Present Your Poster





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