ICNC2022 will feature supervised ePoster tours. Electronic Posters or ePosters are similar to traditional paper posters but displayed on-site on a large LCD television screen and are available for electronic viewing at all times for participants. ePoster presenters will have opportunity to make a 3-minute oral presentation followed by 2 minutes of Q&A. The poster presenter will have to be present in person and stood next to their allocated Screen during the supervised poster tours, to present their poster.

The schedule for ePoster presentations are available here. All sessions are from 16:30 - 17:30 HRS

Tuesday Oct 4, 2022 | Wednesday Oct 5, 2022 | Thursday Oct 6, 2022floorplan min

Screen No Location
1 Plenary room (Orkide 1 & 2)
2 Plenary room (Orkide 1 & 2)
3 Plenary room (Orkide 1 & 2)
4 Plenary room (Orkide 1 & 2)
5 Plenary room (Orkide 1 & 2)
6 Orkide 3
7 Orkide 3
8 Orkide 3
9 Orkide 4
10 Orkide 5
11 Orkide 6
12 Kardelen 1 & 2
13 Kardelen 1 & 2
14 Kardelen 3 & 4
15 Kardelen 3 & 4
16 Kardelen 5
17 Main Lobby (Exhibition area)
18 Main Lobby (Exhibition area)

Monitor size (45") Width (CM) Height (CM) Width (IN) Height (IN)
  99.6 56 39.22 22.06

Viewers will be able to easily find and browse E-posters and download the posters in PDF format.

All ePoster presenters would be required to upload their files using this link. There are TWO files you are requested to UPLOAD. A Mandatory One Page PDF or PPTX of your poster and an OPTIONAL Three Minute recorded video of your presentation. The file name should always be the POSTER ID. For e.g 49.pdf or 49.pptx or 49.mp4

Additional video clips if available should be named 49-1.mp4 49-2.mp4 e.t.c

All ePoster Presenters are required to be reqisted to the Congress before September 15, 2022, failing which their work would be removed from the schedule


Prepare your 1-PAGE Powerpoint slide ensuring that

  • All ePosters are prepared in ENGLISH
  • The slide size is 39.22 X 22.06" or 99.6 X 56 CM in LANDSCAPE MODE


  • The font size is at least 28p
  • fonts Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman are recommended
  • if you are using your own template the ICNC2022 Logo should be shown on the TOP RIGHT corner.You can download the logo here – pngtransparent background, jpgwhite background
  • Sample templates are available here (pptxTemplate 1; pptxTemplate 2; pptxTemplate 3; pptxTemplate 4; pptxTemplate 5)
    • How to change the template colors
      • You can change the overall template color theme by clicking on the COLORS dropdown menu under the DESIGN tab.
      • You can also manually change the color of individual elements by going to VIEW > SLIDE MASTER. On the left side of your screen select the background master where you can change the template background, column sizes, etc. After you finish working on the SLIDE MASTER, it is important that you go to VIEW > NORMAL to continue working on your poster.
    • How to change the column layout configuration
      • When you open the poster templates, you will see a standard layout configuration. The default layouts are the most commonly used. It is relatively easy to change or edit the designs. Two methods are shown below.
      • To change the column layout of your poster using the build-in layouts, Right-Click on an empty part of a column and choose a layout from the available options.
      • To manually change the column layout, you need to do it on the Slide Master. Click on the View Tab, click on Slide Master, click on the topmost master and edit the columns as needed. When finished, close the master view.

Once you have prepared the above slide you can either upload the PPTX file or Export the PPTX file as PDF file.


Any videos which you would like to include in the ePoster should be uploaded as a separate file. You can upload up to 3 video files (Maximum size 50MB). Videos / graphics etc can be embedded in the slides provided consent has been obtained and no patient identifying data is included. Photographs of the presenting author and contact details can also be included. However please note that all slides should contain the Title, All Authors and their Affiliations.



This step is optional. If provided the recording would be made available online. The recording should NOT exceed THREE MINUTES in LENGTH. You may use either a single slide or 3-4 slides. It is up to you how you would want to record your presentation. You can either do it over ZOOM yourself or RECORD A POWERPOINT Presentation with VOICE OVER ( please see this helpful youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzJ1dZBGpUg

Detailed instructions for zoom recordings are available here at  https://icnapedia.org/icntn/zoom-recording

Alternatively if you want our help to record your presentation, please email eposters2022@icnapedia.org before Sep 1, 2022 to arrange a date for the recording. All recordings will have to be completed before September 15, 2022.

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